160 DS Solatube (10 inch)Sun Cat Skylights Solatube Premier Dealer

Vusion:  $630.00

JustFrost:  $660.00

TierDrop:  $660.00

OptiView:  $660.00


290 DS Solatube (14 inch)

Vusion:  $780.00

JustFrost:  $820.00

TierDrop:  $820.00

OptiView:  $820.00

VividShade:  $830.00

AuroraGlo:  $830.00

QuadraFrost:  $830.00


21" Solatube

Optiview diffuser:  $1500.00


Prices include tax and installation. Value of $35/$50 Design Vouchers are included.  Prices include tubing up to 6 feet in length.

For tubes longer than 6 feet, add $15 per foot for 160 DS, $18 per foot for 290 DS and $50 per foot for 21" Solatube. All roof types are the standard price. Light kits, fans and dimmers for the Solatube Daylighting Systems are available, ask for pricing.  We also have Do-It-Yourself kits.


Solatube Solar Star - Make your hot roof space more bearable




10 watt roof-mounted $550.00

10 watt gable-mounted $550.00

22 watt roof-mounted $650.00

Optional thermostat:  $35.00

Prices include tax and installation.




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